Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Since my last post - many months ago - a lot has happened. I'm a new Grandma thanks to Ryan and Cortney! Little Noah came into the world on June 25th, the same day three other great men were born -- Patrick Ferry and Larry Sohn. If you know who these men are, make sure you wish them a happy birthday (now belated)! The sainted Dr. Rehwinkel (the third one born on that day) was a well-known prof at St. John's in Winfield, KS (a campus building was named after him).

I've been also busy knitting - I have many UFOs which need to be finished, including the one that I'm most diligently working on. It's a shawl for Hannah for her wedding. I hope to get this done by July 21 (wedding is July 24). It's a Debbie Macomber shawl named "A Wisp of Warmth" from her Friendship Shawls book.

I came upon the best website today for knitters. Techknitting offers myriads of ideas and solutions for knitters who need help or are looking for something to add pizzazz to their knitting. It's too bad I didn't learn about this site earlier - would've loved to have won the Addi clicks!

It's nearing the middle of July and it feels like summer is half over. My brother's birthday is Thursday this week (Happy Birthday Bill!) Many things are happening in the next few weeks - the church picnic, a family reunion, Noah's baptism, and Ryan's installation into his vicarage placement. In the meantime, the other grands - Sammy and Preston - keep Gigi (me) as busy as possible. They're a treat to have around. It's neat to see the world through their eyes. Sammy made me a picture today of a rainbow, a sun with two clouds, and a friendly snake. These were ideas which just popped into his mind. The pic is on my fridge.